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The history of the Weaving Workshop

It all began in the town of Søllerød, when Berthe Forchhammer in 1971 was apprenticed to Kirsten and John Becker, in their legendary hand-weaving factory on 55 Søllerødvej.

Mr. And Mrs. Becker had many apprentices through the years.
Among others, Berthe met Amelie Tillgren here, and their ways led them from Søllerød to Frederiksberg. In 1981, the weaving workshop on Godthåbsvej was established, where Berthe Forchhammer and Amelie Tillgren shared the facilities with a number of different weavers. They came and went, but one of them stayed – that was Ida Kornerup: Now, there were three of us!

After the apprentice years, Berthe was employed at The Danish Design Academy, where she introduced her pupils to the magic of weaving. Here, she met Karina Nielsen Rios first, and Jacob Bille later. They were both members of the workshop for a number of years.

Meanwhile, somewhere else in the city, Pia Jensen´s collective workshop, Per19Gryn, was discontinued in 2003. In 2004, the workshop on Godthåbsvej had a notice of termination hanging over its head, when Pia Jensen showed up, having found an amazing space of 263 square metres in Smallegade, but she needed some people to share the place with her. That was the beginning of The Weaving Workshop, as we know it today.

Then we were four, who started converting a former car painter´s workshop into a functional weaving workshop in working order – and the transformation turned it into our present, magnificent workshop. Since we have all kinds of looms, other weavers occasionally rent a space for various periods of time, when they work on projects which require larger looms or different capacity than they have themselves. We call these guests 'snowbirds', and they contribute to the great, professional spirit of community which we have generated in the Weaving Workshop.

We make an ongoing effort to draw attention to and expand the acquaintance with our arts and crafts, and both the Open Saturdays (the first Saturday of each month from September until May) and our Christmas market have become regular and popular events in the neighbourhood.
Moreover, we do occasional guided tours for art associations and professional interest groups.

Read a small presentation of the Weaving Workshop members here



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